Nov 13, 2010

Book Review: Nathaniel Fludd: The Wyvern's Treasure by R.L. LaFevers, illustrated by Kelly Murphy

The Wyvern's Treasure: Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist, Book 2
by R.L. LaFevers, illustrated by Kelly Murphy
9780547316185, $16, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

When Nate & Aunt Phil return to England, they find their house trashed and Cornelius, Aunt Phil's dodo, traumatized. A strange man ransacked their house - but looking for what? They don't have much time to stop to figure it out because pretty soon they're off on another Beastologist adventure.

This time, they're going to the Welsh countryside where a group of large dragons, known as wyverns, are in an uproar. Who is causing the ruckus and why? A very proud and political race of beasts, Aunt Phil and Nate have their hands full trying to calm the wyverns before they break their treaty with the humans. On his most dangerous adventure yet, Nathaniel will once again need to use his courage, his brains, and all of his luck to save his Aunt Phil. As we all probably know, a den of angry dragons is no safe place to be. It's obvious someone has been riling them up in an effort to steal the famed wyvern treasure. Could it be the same man who broke into the house? It will be a real surprise when they find out who he is, and what he says he knows about Nathaniel's missing parents!

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