Apr 19, 2011

Guinea Pig Writers: April

In this post months ago, with little fanfare and ado, I mentioned I was part of the Guinea Pig Writers.

This group of 12 (myself included) survived being the first cohort (hence the name guinea pigs) to graduate from the Simmons College MFA in Writing Literature for Children program in association with the Eric Carle Museum of Picturebook Art.

We have a website/blog where we post weekly on a monthly topic/theme (as well as other general posts).

April's theme is Spring. March's theme was mud. February's theme was love.

Here are my posts for February, March, and April - all relate to children's books in some way around those specific themes, but they also relate to other interests and life and...stuff.

I'll be posting a link to my post on that website each month. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Of course I loved the baseball post, and of course you knew I'd call you out on spelling Youkilis' name wrong. Right? :)

  2. *Gasp!* Shock, horror, and also now it's changed. Thanks for pointing that out! (You can imagine how red my cheeks are with embarrassment.)


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